How are Universe City and Grow Brownsville helping community members grow their own food, invent their own technologies, and push back against gentrification?

In this episode, Melissa and Wythe learn about the inspiring farm-tech co-op Universe City from one of its founders—multidisciplinary farmer, chef, and artist Alexis Mena. Universe City is Brownsville and East New York’s first aquaponic farm, food hub, and maker space. At this space, farmers grow fish and greens and teach growing skills. Universe City is collecting funds to expand their already impressive operation through a campaign called Grow Brownsville. Alexis talks about the importance of their Afro-Taino heritage, how to make and keep places for community use, and why it’s so important that kids in Brooklyn see tech innovation happening in their own communities. We also discuss gentrification and greenwashing head-on. This is a timely conversation, and Alexis is a visionary grower and educator. Check out our conversation, subscribe to Fields, share with your friends, and support Grow Brownsville!

Alexis Mena

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