This week on Beer Sessions Radio, Jimmy welcomes Terence Sullivan, who has worked for Sierra Nevada for 26 years, to talk about this year’s Oktoberfest Lager and their Dankful IPA. Sierra Nevada has been hosting virtual Oktoberfest celebrations that include sharing recipes online, providing party kits, and even offering yodeling lessons. They are joined by Zach Mack of Alphabet City Beer Co. and Ted Kenny of Top Hops Beer Shop, who share what fall beers they are enjoying right now. The group also dives deep into e-commerce, discussing how they’ve each expanded to offer subscription services, shipping across states and more. Lastly, they talk about german hops, what beer descriptors like dank really mean, and the charitable causes Sierra Nevada is raising money for. Beer listSierra Nevada, Oktoberfest Sierra Nevada, Dankful IPA

Terence Sullivan

Image courtesy of Sierra Nevada Brewing Company.

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