On today's episode of All in the Industry®, Shari Bayer's guest is Leah Cohen, the chef and owner of Pig & Khao and Piggyback NYC in New York City, along with her husband, Ben Byruch. At Pig & Khao, Leah serves Southeast Asian cuisine influenced by her Filipino upbringing and her annual expeditions to the region. Leah is a recipient of a 2013 StarChefs Rising Stars Award, and an alum of Top Chef – Season 5. In her debut cookbook, LEMONGRASS AND LIME: Southeast Asian Cooking at Home (Avery), Leah gives home cooks the confidence to bring Southeast Asian cooking to their own kitchens. Today's show also features Shari's PR tip; Industry News discussion on Covid-19; and Solo Dining experience at 232 Bleecker in NYC. Listen at Heritage Radio Network; subscribe/rate/review our show at iTunes, Stitcher or Spotify. Follow us @allindustry. Thanks for being a part of All in the Industry®. Stay safe and well. 

Leah Cohen

Lemon and Grass

Image courtesy of Leah Cohen.

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