Seaweed isn’t just for sushi any more. The US seaweed snack market is estimated at a booming $500 million a year with no signs of slowing down. What makes it a super trend for 2018? With more that 11,000 species and uses across food production, health, beauty and industry, seaweed is both bountiful and versatile. The sustainable aquaculture makes it even more appealing for the long-term. A volatile and fragments global-market is one of the primary barriers to growing the worldwide seaweed market. Is seaweed the new kale? Joining us in-studio for this seaweed roundtable discussion are: Will Horowitz and Matt Lebo, co-founders of a plant-based food company encompassing seaweed farms and kelp jerky production. Mark Cooper, founder of, the first seaweed commons exchange to suitably scale the global seaweed production.

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