On this week's episode of After the Jump, Grace Bonney is joined in the studio by set designer Lydia Marks of Marks and Frantz. You may know Lydia's work from films such as The Devil Wears Prada, Sex & the City I and II, and Synecdoche, New York. Tune in to hear how documentary photography was instrumental in training Lydia's design eye. Hear Grace and Lydia discuss how movie set design transcends the realm of setting, but also influences character development. How did Lydia develop Sex & the City's Carrie Bradshaw by updating her bedroom for the Sex & the City films? Learn the differences between residential interior design and designing for film and television. What is Lydia's dream design job! Find out this and more on this episode of After the Jump! This program has been brought to you by Clarkson Potter Publishers.

"Sometimes you have only thirty seconds of screen time to create a world that can be read easily by the audience so that they can see who this person is supposed to be, and you may never go back there again."

"In a film, you're really struggling to create character, and that's one of the priorities. In a home, you don't need to do that as much, but when you can get to who your clients are and start to help them find things to collect that express that, I think that's where some of my prior work really informs my current interior design work."

-- Lydia Marks on After the Jump