On today's episode of After the Jump, Grace Bonney is once again joined by Design*Sponge's managing editor Amy Azzarito to discuss becoming your own brand. Tune in to hear Grace and Amy list some of the the "dos & don'ts" of branding yourself. Learn about the different steps to take in order to personalize and get visibility for your business. Create a mission statement and work on your elevator pitch! Hear about the importance of focus and expertise to make your creative work stand out! Learn to navigate the tricky world of self-promotion; how can you get the word out about your business without seeming self-absorbed? Grace and Amy help you stay organized and work on the logistics of your own personal business image! This episode has been brought to you by Clarkson Potter Publishers.


One of the most important things about being an expert is that you never want to stop learning. Even if this is your field of expertise, you're always going to want to work to better yourself." [8:25] -- Amy Azzarito on After the Jump

"Be who you are, own who you are. There's a real value in being relate-able." [25:51] -- Grace Bonney on After the Jump