How well do you communicate with your pet? Tune in to Animal Instinct as host Celia Kutcher gets animal communicator Adrienne Wisok on the line from Detroit talking how she uses her background as a veterinary technician with degrees in biochemistry, molecular biology, and neuroscience to understand animal intuition (which is also the name of her animal consulting business!). Adrienne highlights how she trains animals on an individual basis and how important it is to pay attention to a pet's body language. Her new project uses conversation, information, and technology to initiate change in the way people treat their dogs in an urban environment while also increasing the vaccination and licensing rate for canines. This program was brought to you by Heritage Foods USA.

"I help people really learn how to understand a good relationship relationship with their animal." [3:25]

"Dogs and wolves have very similar genomes. There's about 0.2 difference between dogs and wolves - that's about the same between a human and a chimpanzee... dogs are not wolves!" [15:45]

--Adrienne Wisok on Animal Instinct