NYC Beer week is over and we're here for a whole new show with guests James Tai, Ben Granger from Beirkraft, Avanish Vellanki of Independence Brewing Company and a pre-recorded interview with Norman Sinclair of Orkney Brewery. Tune in for everything from pork and beer pairings to anecdotes about beer in India. Discover how Independence Brewing Company is working hard to change the way beer is enjoyed in India and acting as a true advocate for craft beer worldwide. Later in the show, learn about the work Norman Sinclair is doing with Orkney Brewery in Scotland. This program was sponsored by

"The drinking culture [in India] is not one where people casually sit down to savor a beer. If you're drinking a beer, you're gonna pound it down. The strong beer category has taken off in India for that reason. We're trying to [...] show people that craft beer and the varieties that go along with it are so tremendous, complex and varied that they deserve to be savored like any gourmet food." [22:00]

--Avanish Vallenki of Independence Brewing Company on Beer Sessions Radio