Beer Sessions has done it! 100 Episodes! On this milestone episode of Beer Sessions Radio (TM) host Jimmy Carbone welcomes a huge gang to the Roberta's studio. From the trio of Joe, Eric, and Vaughan of the new Montauk Brewing Co. to Patrick Donagher of GetRealNY, to Lina Kulchinsky of the delicious Sigmund's Pretzels, and show regular Chris Cuzme, this episode is literally packed with good beer and good food. Tune in for talks and tastes from around New York, the city where the show started started, test your beer IQ with some GreatBrewers trivia, and learn about the basics for pairing your beers (pretzels are an excellent choice!). This 100th episode is sponsored proudly by

"We've started a culture of hop-heads but we kinda wanted to move away from that."

--Eric Moss of Montauk Brewing Co. on Beer Sessions Radio