When Chef Greg Baxtrom opened his 50-seat Prospect Heights, Brooklyn, restaurant Olmstead in 2016, he envisioned it'd just be a casual neighborhood spot. Olmstead's certainly delivered on that initial promise, and become so much more. After receiving a cascade of rave reviews from the likes of Eater, the New York Times, the James Beard Foundation and the Michelin Guide, the restaurant's become a must-visit dining destination in the Big Apple. Our wine guru, Jameson Fink, helps us navigate restaurant wine lists in his next installment of "Snacky Tunes 5's," and rest assured ordering wines by the glass is perfectly OK. The ladies of Desert Sharks describe themselves as, "...four brooding brunettes (who) came together via Craigslist personals to create driving garage rock tunes with a touch of surf." The hard-charging NYC-based is currently recording their first full-length album. Check out their single, "Ooh, Hey," from their EP, "Template Hair."


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