In spite of Hurricane Sandy, Burning Down the House soldiers on! This week, Curtis B. Wayne calls in from his emergency weather shelter to talk with Richard Yancey, project director at Green Light New York, Inc. Green Light New York, Inc., is an independent, nonprofit organization whose mission is to promote quality, energy efficient lighting in New York City by creating a center for training, design assistance, and educational resources. Curtis and Richard discuss the importance of maximizing daylight use in building design, and what it can mean for energy prices and the environment. Learn why education is instrumental in changing behaviors that lead to wasted energy, and what New York City schools are doing to inform today's youth. Could a ban on incandescent lamps ever be possible in New York City? Find out what percentage of energy usage is attributed to lighting. And how does population density factor into energy efficiency in an urban environment? Find out this and more on this episode of Burning Down the House! This program has been brought to you by Heritage Foods USA.

"Of our $15 billion dollar energy bill, $3.4 billion or so is lighting. It accounts for 27% of our total electric use 17% of our total energy, and represents 12% of our total carbon footprint. So there's a big potential impact out there." [14:00]

-- Richard Yancey on Burning Down the House