Architect and urban planner Robert Lamb Hart talks about redefining humanism on today's episode of Burning Down the House, hosted by Curtis B. Wayne. Listen to this episode to hear about Bob's Bauhaus-style schooling, and the importance of a breadth of design education. Hear Bob and Curtis talk about understanding humanism, and how human nature can lead to a better built environment. Hear how some structures like cathedrals augment the human experience! How do modern architecture and humanism interact, and possibly overlap? Hear how childhood relationships with space inform our architectural preferences, and learn how audio can be useful to the architect. This program has been sponsored by Hearst Ranch.

"We were trained that the built environment and the natural environment are one. We experience architecture in a natural environment, and we cannot separate the experience of the two." [4:00]

"If we can understand the biology (of human nature), we can learn a lot more about the people that we design for." [9:30]

"One of the purposes of this 'new humanism' to discover the parallels between vision and hearing... we can discover these things and use them as instruments of design." [49:00]

-- Robert Lamb Hart on Burning Down the House