Harry Rosenblum, host of Feast Yr Ears sat down with two celebrated young chefs, Fatmata Binta and Digby Stridiron, at Charleston Wine + Food.

Born and raised in Freetown, Sierra Leone, to first generation Sierra Leonean Fulanis of Guinean descent, Fatmata Binta describes herself as a modern nomadic chef. She shines a light on flavors of her family history with Fulani Kitchen in Sierra Leone. Chef Binta is also a Fonio Ambassador, bringing this sustainable grain that is indigenous to West Africa to eaters around the world.

Born in St. Croix, U.S. Virgin Islands, Chef Digby Stridiron is no stranger to working with fresh, locally harvested ingredients and seafood. In 2019, Digby opened Ama at Cane Bay, a sustainable seafood restaurant on the North Shore of St. Croix as well as Breakers Roar in downtown Christiansted.

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