This week on Cooking Issues Dave and Nastassia get out their Valentine's Day gripes early in the morning. But moreover, Celiac disease sufferers, rejoice! Tune in for an episode all about how you can cook without gluten using xanthan and guar gums and even eggs! Learn about how you can make delicious non-alcoholic cocktails with coriander syrup, why gluten is important in bread making but not so much in cakes and cookies, the necessity of putting foot pedals on your sink and how you can look like a badass sharpening your knives with a leather strop. This episode is sponsored by Modernist Pantry.

"An easy tip to keeping knives super sharp is get yourself a leather strop and strop your knife, and you can use a little oil or even a little bit of an abrasive."

"[On cooking with Celiac's disease] the protein in eggs is fantastic and easy to use and can be used to replaced gluten."

"When you need hardcore gluten is in a bread, in a cake you don't need a lot of it. . in a cookie or a cake you can focus on the texture and structure"

"Don't store anything in your oven, people! It puts you in this mindset that you aren't going to use it."

"The coolest thing that you can possibly do for your kitchen is put foot pedals on your sink, so when your hands are disgusting you don't have to touch anything. And don't skimp on your sink size!"

--Dave Arnold on Cooking Issues