Andy Hatch is responsible for one of the most ubiquitous cheeses on counters and menus across the country - Pleasant Ridge Reserve. He's the guy behind Uplands Cheese Company, a seasonal grass-based dairy farm. Uplands is unique in a number of ways: it follows the "Alpine pattern" of milking, and its a place where cows harvest their own feed, spread their own manure, and give the farmer a bit of a break in the hard labor department. Tune into a conversational and candid episode of Cutting the Curd as host Greg Blais chats with Andy about everything from business growth to American cheese culture. This program was brought to you by The Wisconsin Milk Marketing Board.

"We're a Pleasant Ridge Reserve farm. Everything we do is geared around that grazing season and producing the most beautiful milk we can for that cheese." [21:00]
--Andy Hatch on Cutting the Curd