Our Moderator Emily gives hard-hitting stories of food in the news to our panelists and they discuss their attitudes and opinions in our Weekly Baste Segment. This week we discuss the Impossible Burger, congestion taxes, brick & mortar book shops, women in hospitality and Duchess Meghan Markle. Our guests for The Weekly Grill are Erin Fairbanks and Lizzy Young. Erin Fairbanks is a partner at GROUT, a project development consultancy delivering resources needed to convert an idea, thought or plan into an actual project with the potential to deliver impact and create new value for society. She is also a co-founder of Women in Hospitality United and the founder of BKBF Productions and Ladies Night, a monthly event bringing women together to explore leadership and workplace empowerment. Her primary areas of interest are: women’s empowerment, sustainable food systems, racial justice and palliative care. Erin was also the Executive Director of Heritage Radio Network from 2012 to 2016. Lizzy Young founded lizzyoung bookseller in January 2012. She was previously an assistant editor at Gourmet Magazine and a pastry chef before ending up in the rare book world. She believes that culinary books give you a window into the cultural narrative of the specific time and place in which the book was composed and you can currently find her minding her “brick & mortar" book shop, Lizzyoung Bookseller, in Cobble Hill, Brooklyn.

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