What’s it feel like to depart the pro cooking trade after decades at the stoves? Chef Peter Hoffman, who helmed the landmark SoHo, New York, restaurant Savoy for two decades, just closed his second follow-up, Back Forty West, this week, and graciously joins us to talk about it. We discuss the emotions of stepping away from the business; the real history of the farm-to-table movement; and how the profession has changed during Peter’s years in business. Erin Fairbanks, executive director of Heritage Radio Network, once cooked for Peter at Savoy, and joins the conversation to lend her unique perspective.
peter hoffman

“To survive for twenty-six years, you have to notice what people are interested in and shift with that…but still, it’s coming from an internal place of what are you wanting to express…you’re trying to express something and that’s artistic, and that’s personal, not just responding to the marketplace.” – Peter Hoffman