For this "snack-sized" episode, we’re joining the Farmers Market Coalition to recognize National Farmers Market Week! This is a great time to talk speak with Ben Feldman, the Policy Director at FMC about farmers, because there is a ton of news about agricultural economics right now. But before we talk about local markets, we step back and take in the bigger picture.

Bonus Farm to Market

On episode two of Meat + Three, we reported a story on tariffs and the escalating trade tensions between China and the U.S. – and how farmers were already feeling their effects. We spoke to Loren Puette of ChinaAg, a market intelligence company that focuses on the ag markets of China. At the time, he said we were far from being a full-fledged trade war, but this week we asked Loren "What about now? Has a trade war begun?"

His response was yes. “The trade dispute escalated into a full blown trade war on July 6th after both sides imposed 25% tariffs on a variety of imported goods. Chief among them were U.S. soybeans," wrote Puette.

We bring you a story about one of the biggest casualties of the trade war – a stranded cargo ship off the coast of China carrying soybeans worth $20 million.

Then, we explain how the "farmer bailout" that President Trump has proposed is set to provide temporary relief to commodity farmers, but will have little effect on specialty farmers that sell direct-to-consumer. On the other hand, Feldman explains that specialty farmers are able to weather economic fluctuations, because they get better prices on crops through direct sales.



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