This week on Food Talk, host Mike Colameco sits down with Bobby Demasco and Savio Soares. Bobby Demasco is the owner of Pierless Fish, Brooklyn’s premier fresh seafood purveyor. Savio Soares is the president and founder of wine importer Savio Soares Selections, one of New York’s premier wine importers. Together, they discuss fine wines, Florida imported fish legs, and the best ways to buy fish.

Fish in wine glass

“Every fisherman thinks their fish is the best, just like every parent thinks their kid is the greatest.” [10:00] – Bobby Demasco

“Natural wine, organic wine, biodynamic wine, has been to me the best that ever happened to the wine world. We are lucky to have that, I think this is so exciting. No other wine is healthier.” [55:10] – Savio Soares