Eating Matters is back for a new radio season! Host Kim Kessler is joined by Doug Davis (School Nutrition Association), Margo Wootan (Center for Science in the Public Interest), Kathy Lawrence (School Food Focus), and Eric Goldstein (NYC Department of Education) to discuss the scope and scale of the school lunch program and exactly what is at stake as current policy issues arise. With an ongoing discussion revolving around the SNA requesting flexibility with implementing school lunch standards, increased lunch funding, and the concept of universal meals, today's guests bring a great deal of insight to the situation. Tune in for a great debate on how best to achieve success in the school lunch realm. This program was brought to you by The International Culinary Center.


"Lunch period and breakfast are two very important health classes that the kids should have everyday. We have to rethink how we treat lunch and breakfast as part of the school day." [14:00]

--Eric Goldstein on Eating Matters