This week's guest on Greenhorns Radio is Lorig Hawkins. Loris graduated from the University of Texas at Austin and soon after began her path to farming. She has worked on farms in Texas for the past five years and most recently accepted a position as Farm Director with Farmshare Austin, where she will manage the 3-acre educational farm and oversee the Food Access plan. In 2011, after learning about the National Young Farmer Coalition and noticing a dearth of information, resources and support for young and upcoming farmers in the Central Texas community, she rallied networks, friends and colleagues to co-found the Texas Young Farmer Coalition an organization that aims to build connections between young farmers and to increase food awareness, encourage the exchange of ideas, and create sustainable and long-lasting relationships. She is also currently enrolled as a Master's student for Agricultural Education at Texas State University. This program was brought to you by Heritage Foods USA.

"I encourage anybody i come across who's interesting in farming and agriculture to get involved in policy and be aware of what's happening in your state or your city because it will really affect you in the long run." [09:00]

--Lorig Hawkins on Greenhorns Radio