Alessandra Iavarone discusses sensitivity periods in children on this week’s Growing Good. Mamasandra lists the six sensitivity periods, and suggests different ways to support your child during these specific times. Listen in to hear how the Association Montessori Internationale defines sensitivity periods, and also scientific research that deviates from Montessori learning. What are the differences between ‘sensitivity periods’ and ‘critical periods’? At what period does your child learn the most through their senses? Or when are they most ready to learn social skills? Tune in to find out! This program was brought to you by White Oak Pastures.


“Children will actually learn by being social what is proper and what is not: manners. It’s important for us parents to get our children (between ages and 2.5 – 6 years) in those group environments- if it’s not school, it can be the playground- if not the playground, take them into work every once and a while, or taking them out to restaurants.” — Alessandra Iavarone on Growing Good