Don’t go bakin’ my heart! We couldn’t if we tried. This special episode of HRN Happy Hour recorded in the Le Creuset podcast studio at Charleston Wine + Food is a real pastry party.

Kat, Caity, and Hannah are joined by Brian Hart Hoffman (EIC Bake From Scratch), Claudia Martinez (Pastry Chef, Tiny Lou’s), Angela Garbacz (Pastry Chef, Goldenrod Pastries), Ann Marshall (Co-Founder, High Wire Distilling), and Nate Collier (Director of Marketing Communications and Culinary, Le Creuset). The group discusses baking with savory flavors, spirits, and other unique ingredients that give pastry more dimension. Nate also shares some insights into why Le Creuset has the perfect baking ware for beginners and experts alike.

The show wraps up with some trivia by Kat and Nate with the theme “Don’t Go Bakin’ My Heart!”

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