Brian Keyser reviews 'behavior in the news' on this week's episode of How to Behave. Joining Brian in the studio today are frequent guests Hannah Howard and Rob Neill, but also joining the cast is newcomer Jesani Drew. Listen in to hear Brian, Hannah, Rob, and Jesani review Rand Paul's recent speech at Howard University. Did Senator Paul act or speak in a pandering or arrogant way? Later, listen in to hear discussions regarding the youngster Guan's penalties during The Masters tournament. Was Bieber inappropriate when visiting the Anne Frank Museum recently? Finally hear everyone's reaction to the recent controversial Brad Paisley and LL Cool J collaboration, "Accidental Racist". This program was sponsored by Fairway Market, and thanks to Pamela Royal for today's music!


"The first thing when going into a situation as an outsider is to know your audience. And Rand Paul clearly does not!" [9:55] -- Rob Neill on How to Behave