This week on How to Behave, Brian Keyser and Hannah Howard revisit one of the year's most talked about topics- healthcare. Brian and Hannah speak with Assembly Member Richard Gottfried about the need for a single-payer healthcare system. Did you know that President Roosevelt proposed universal healthcare with his other social reforms? Dr. Ollie Fein calls in to give a physician's perspective on the raging healthcare debate. You don't want to miss this week's edition of How to Behave! Thanks to our sponsor, Tabard Inn. Music, as always, by Jon Lundbom & Big Five Chord.


"When you're fighting against the insurance industry, single-payer healthcare doesn't come easy." [8:15]

"The Affordable Care Act is making it clear to a lot of people that we need to move towards a single-payer system." [10:30]

-- Richard Gottfried on How to Behave