What’s the leading name is dieting? Weight Watchers. On this episode find out how Weight Watchers uses the latest science, education, and research to design programs that help people get healthy. Not all of it is rocket science: cooking food your self and eating more vegetables are two more obvious elements of cutting back, but Weight Watchers has been refining this process for the last 50 years into a comprehensive program that is both intuitive and insightful. Find out how their approach has remained steady through all of the drastic trends and fads in food over the years on this episode of HRN Community Sessions!
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“The main goal of the company is to help people reach their goals… it’s no fad based, the company focuses on the latest science.” [1:35]

“We wanna get people in the kitchen, we wanna get people cook, because if your trying to be healthy and trying to loose weight, you really need to cook” [2:50]

“Our vision of what a portion of food is is very skewed” [9:30] — Author Nancy Gagliardi on HRN Community Sessions!