This week on the HRN Community Sessions, Josh Morgenthau speaks with hosts Eddie Shumard and Erin Fairbanks about Good Eggs NYC, an online grocery store that aims to bring local groceries right to your door or through pickup. By supporting small producers and local brands, Good Eggs mission is to grow and sustain local food systems worldwide through better eating, sourcing straight from farmers' markets and butcher shops, and caring for the environment. Utilizing the benefits of technology, Good Eggs has been able to bridge the gap between consumer and farmer, by offering the possibility of truly understanding where the food has been sourced, and learning more about the food maker than one often does. With services in the San Francisco Bay Area, Brooklyn, New Orleans, and soon Los Angeles, Good Eggs serves as a great resource to those looking to bring more local produce into the comfort of their own homes. Shop locally on the Good Eggs website with promotion code "cherrycobbler" for 15% off today! (Order must be placed before 11:59pm, and offer applies to first time buyers only) Thanks to our sponsor, Rolling Press.

"The highest quality food is coming from small food makers, it's all about how they source their ingredients." [3:02]

-- Josh Morgenthau on HRN Community Sessions

"Another thing we will be implementing, will be having little fun parties when we host a pickup spot." [20:03]

-- Ali Schmidt on HRN Community Sessions