This week on Beer Sessions Radio, Jimmy talks to Sofia Barbaresco and Geoff Wenzel from Industrial Arts Brewing. Plus, beer writer at large Ben Keene joins the conversation from Seattle. Sofia and Geoff provide an update on Industrial Arts’ second location in Beacon, NY, explain the flexibility they have to experiment with raw ingredients and various grains with the brewery’s new mash filter, and marvel at how far New York State ingredients have come. They dive into the ingredients behind Industrial Arts’ Landscape series, which are sourced entirely from New York State producers like Hudson Valley Malt and Pedersen Farm, and they discuss the brewery’s well-known Wrench series. The guests also share their experience adapting to the COVID-19 crisis, from canning 100% of their product to implementing pick-up and delivery. Sofia shares her perspective as a New York State Brewers Association board member about what it could look like for the beer industry as a whole if loosened government restrictions continue.

Beer List:
Dutchess Ales, Auger Porter
Industrial Arts Brewing, Pocket Wrench NEPA
Industrial Arts Brewing, Spring Landscape Helles Bock
Industrial Arts Brewing, Impact Wrench
Industrial Arts Brewing, Wrench NEIPA
SweetWater Brewery, Guide Beer
Transmitter Brewing, Pre-Prohibition Lager

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