Welcome to Japan Eats! Japan Eats is a weekly radio show from Akiko Katayama, a food writer and a director of the non-profit organization The New York Japanese Culinary Academy (NYJCA), which promotes a deeper understanding of Japanese cuisine in the US. Akiko is joined by food industry professionals who can share their deep knowledge and passion for Japanese cuisine. Tune in and demystify Japanese food tradition, learn about the latest Japanese food trends. On her first episode she's joined by Harry Rosenblum of Brooklyn Kitchen and The Meat Hook. Harry talks about the products he carries, specifically Japanese knives.

"Knives are a really good example of something the's easy to directly import." [08:00]

"We don't like to support products that are what we call 'landfill fodder'. We don't want to sell people things that will break in two weeks or become useless." [14:00]

--Harry Rosenblum on Japan Eats