Joan Nathan is an award-winning American author of cookbooks and a global authority on Jewish cuisine. Her goal is to preserve Jewish traditions by interviewing cooks and documenting their recipes and stories for posterity. On the latest episode of Evolutionaries, hear Joan recall the journies, parties, dinners, events and relationships that shaped her illustrious career. From her work co-founding the 9th Avenue Food Festival to her three yearsliving in Israel working for Mayor Teddy Kollek of Jerusalem – Joan has seen and experienced more than most can hope to in a lifetime. For Joan Nathan, food is all about cultural context, and she’s got tons of it. This program was sponsored by Fairway Market.

“When you break bread with people and say to them ‘I like your food’ – it just starts communication, and that’s what I learned the most.” [06:20]

“We’re better cooks now than we were 30 years ago, I’m sure of it.” [09:45]

–Joan Nathan on Evolutionaries