Many of the effects of Superstorm Sandy on the Rockaways have been documented in myriads of sources, but how did the tropical storm hurt food access and food businesses in the community? HRN's Leah Eden sits down with Karen Karp and Cassandra Flechsig of Karp Resources to discuss their involvement with the food systems in the Rockaways. Hear how their staff volunteered in affected areas immediately after the storm, and how these hands-on experiences informed their knowledge about food availability in the Rockaways. Are small businesses in the Rockaways being left out of government recovery programs? Learn about how Karp Resources responded by developing the "Build Back Better" post-Sandy food business recovery initiative. Find out all of this and more in this special segment! Thanks to our sponsor, The International Culinary Center.

"The city of New York really stepped up after the storm to identify technical assistance & financial tools to help businesses damaged after Sandy." [9:30]

"People forget about the Rockaways because it's far away; they forget that there's a huge population of elderly people living there." [15:45]

-- Karen Karp of Karp Resources

"Even native speakers don't have the easiest time filling out extensive government forms... Most of the immigrant communities have not even heard of these forms." [11:45]

-- Cassandra Flechsig of Karp Resources