Shizue RocheAdachi is a junior at Yale University majoring in environmental studies with a concentration in food and agriculture. Shizue’s interest in farming was first sparked in high school while volunteering on Chicago’s City Farm. Thereafter she began interning on various fruit, herb, and vegetable farms during the summer and hasn’t stopped since. These days she works as a student farm manager at the Yale Farm during the school year, filling her summers with plenty of mulch, soil amendments, and berry-stained fingers. She’s also an avid cook and baker and has recently become enamored with traditional means of food preservation following an internship at the Cultured Pickle Shop in Berkeley. Shizue picked up radio this past fall in a class, quickly finding it to be the perfect medium to tell agricultural stories. This summer, audio recorder in hand, she’s working as a farm and ranch hand at the James Ranch in Durango, Colorado.