As a compendium to the upcoming TEDxManhattan event in NYC on February 18th, Erin Fairbanks chats with one of the featured speakers, Maisie Greenawalt of Bon Appetit Management Company. Her speech will be titled “The realities behind a large company going sustainable”, and on this radio interview she discusses why she is so interested in humane farm animal trtreatment, and the challenges that come along with trying to transition into sustainable practices at a large organization. How do you make a commitment to buying a product that’s not yet in the marketplace? Small changes can bring about big ones – which is exactly what Maisie reminds us of on a great conversation for foodies and change agents in all wakes of life.

“Creativity and freedom take work – but our people are up for that challenge and excited about it” [10:30]

–Maisie Greenawalt of Bon Appetit Management Company on