Hear from Jeff Alworth, author of "The Beer Bible" this week on Beer Sessions Radio. No other book of this depth and scope approaches the subject of beer in the same way that beer lovers do—by style, just as a perfect pub menu is organized—and gets right to the pleasure of discovery, knowledge, and connoisseurship. Divided into four major families—ales, lagers, wheat beers, and tart and wild ales—there’s everything a beer drinker wants to know about the hundreds of different authentic types of brews, from bitters, bocks, and IPAs to weisses, milk stouts, lambics, and more. Each style is a chapter unto itself, delving into origins, ingredients, description and characteristics, substyles, and tasting notes, and ending with a recommended list of the beers to know in each category. Hip infographics throughout make the explanation of beer’s flavors, brewing methods, ingredients, labeling, serving, and more as immediate as it is lively. Also hear from Ralph Perrazzo, owner BBD' and Ed Berestecki, owner of Mugs Alehouse.


"It's terrible if all you ever do is drink the new thing. You want to go back to your favs! I have probably 20 beers that I absolutely love and every time I see them on a list I want to drink them." [25:00]