This week on "the business of The Business", Phil Colicchio is joined by Paul Grieco, co-owner of Terroir and Hearth & 2012 James Beard Award Winner for Outstanding Wine, Beer or Spirits Professional. Paul is also the man behind "The Summer of Riesling", a nation-wide restaurant promotion designed to highlight the white grape variety which originated in the Rhine region of Germany. Tune in to learn how Paul got into hospitality in the first place and what challenges he's faced through his professional journeys. Listen as Paul declares his determination to make customers feel comfortable with wine lists and properly express the terroir of whatever neighborhood he opens up in! This program was sponsored by Heritage Meat Shop.


"The conviction about Riesling is that it's always sweet - which of course, is not the truth." [5:00]

"Intimidation might be the first thing you feel when you see our wine list - but the onus is on ME to make you feel comfortable." [25:00]

"You don't have to be all things to all people. Know what you know and be proud of what you know." [32:55]

--Paul Grieco on The Business of The Business