This week on the business of The Business, Phil Colicchio is joined by Brad W. Norton, president of, the ultimate chef's guide to chefs. Their annual publication is compiled by a comprehensive process of interviewing chefs across the country. Chefs are nominated for participation by fellow chefs, other culinary professionals, and food enthusiasts. Learn about the proprietary software that's used to sort the data they collect and how helps highlight overlooked and under-appreciated talent in the culinary world! This program was sponsored by Whole Foods Market.

"What aspires to do is be the prefect chef guide to chefs. We use a very unique peer review process that allows chefs to talk about other chefs they respect." [4:17]

"We're able to deliver information in a new and revolutionary way about who chefs think are doing the best in their field. Our process is what we think makes our business very unique." [11:56]

"We're giving those unsung heroes an opportunity to have a verse or two sung about them by people who think they are very special - and it will lead to many surprises." [17:00]

--Brad W. Norton, President of on the business of The Business