On today's episode of THE FOOD SEEN, Marco Canora regales us with his path towards A GOOD FOOD DAY. After surviving a decade behind the stoves at Hearth restaurant in NYC's East Village, with it's 70 hour work weeks, breakfast, lunch and dinner of coffee, bread, and cigarettes, until that after shift burger, Chinese food order, or 24-hour bodega ham & cheese sandwich at 130AM, Marco had to make a healthy decision or further face the consequences. Prompted by a scary diagnosis of inevitable diabetes and gout if he didn't change his habits, Marco didn't want to compromise his life as most that diet do, but understood he couldn't keep going on like this. That's where his training as a chef, and obsessive researcher, may have saved his life, all the while making it more delicious. Most recently opening a little takeout window called Brodo, which began the bone broth craze, Marco's constantly searching inside himself, on how to be a better cook, husband, father, business owner, and enlightened eater. This program was brought to you by Brooklyn Slate.

"I was never a junk food kid - I never ate a lot of processed food, but I ate a lot of bread. The vast majority of my diet over the course of a decade was basically bread." 03:00

"It's not that broth hasn't been around - nobody has treated it like a hot beverage and put it in a coffee cup. I did that and everybody went kind of wild for it....I'm a big believer in controlling the controllables as best as I can. What happened with Brodo is kind of uncontrollable." [10:00]

"Everybody thinks eating well needs to be surrounded by depravation. It's not depravation at all - I'm a f*cking hedonist. I love food, i eat food like crazy. I don't have to be hungry to eat food -- it's a huge part of my life. A lot of people are afraid of eating well because they think you're turning your back on this stuff." [14:00]

--Marco Canora on The Food Seen