It’s back! The show that made the Heritage Radio Network a force to be reckoned with has returned to the air with the man who stirs the sauce, original host and founder of Heritage Radio, Patrick Martins.

TMC was the first show ever to debut on HRN in April of 2009, and TMC OG follows in its tradition of breaking new ground on the airwaves.

The Main Course O.G. covers food news and culture, featuring no-holds-barred interviews and refreshingly honest guests, ranging from iconic chefs, to muckraking journalists, farmers, truck drivers, food-obsessed comedians, Falstaffian hedonists, and more. 

TMC OG is hosted by Patrick and a rat pack of culinary cool, including visionary owner of Roberta’s (and outlaw rapper) Brandon Hoy, author and musician Mike Edison, plus HRN board members, and a cast of thousands of culinary luminaries and lunatics, old-school radio activists, anarchists, and of-the-moment gastronomic titans including members of the Heritage Foods team.

TMC OG is required listening, ground zero for the Heritage Radio Network.

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