This week on The Mike and Judy Show, Heritage Radio Network engineer Carlos's dreams come true when Mike and Judy have Joe Garden and Todd Hanson on the show. While both help write and edit the ever-hilarious The Onion, the former has also written The Dastardly Book For Dogs and The Devious Book For Cats while the latter has also starred his vocal talents for such Comedy Central Adult Swim shows as Space Ghost Coast to Coast, Aqua Teen Hunger Force, and Squidbillies. The two talk about being demands of being funny on demand, and how sometimes the best and most poignant comedy comes from misery. Later Mike divulges the secret to writing good porn with guest Janet Ginsburg, and Judy talks about her fangirl dream come true: when she got to interview Joe Strummer (PS. It's his birthday today!). This episode is guaranteed to have you laughing all the way through so you'd be foolish not to tune in. This episode is sponsored by the always delicious Roberta's Pizza.