This week on The Morning After, a solo host, Sari Kamin kicks off the show with some crazy food news including a Walking Dead inspired burger and bit about the Dallas based restaurant, Twin Peaks, that prides itself on the assets of its servers. Speaking of trending chain restaurants, Sari welcomes the first guest of the day, a pro blogger by the name of Vino who is challenging himself to eat at the Olive Garden three times a day for as long as the restaurant's Never Ending Pasta Bowl promotion lasts. Vino has documented his journey thus far and takes time out of his day to check in with The Morning After. After the break, Sari welcomes Pam Reed, Bill Reed and Sam Nahid of Humboldt & Jackson, to chat about their beginnings, their goals, and exactly what it takes to open a tasting room from the ground up. Explaining the concept behind a tasting room, the group makes a point that when you're at a place that offers a variety of food and drink, you should be able to taste the menu instead of one particular dish or drink, and do so affordably. And, of course, it couldn't be a complete episode of The Morning After without the quiz at the end of the show! This program has been brought to you by The International Culinary Center.


"America was built on the foundation of sustainable farming and I think a lot of these vineyards are bringing it back to that. We try to go biodynamic or organic as much as possible." [34:10]

--Sam Nahid on The Morning After

"If the neighborhood did not like or get what we were doing us we might as well get out." [39:10]

--Bill Reed on The Morning After