Any good tradesman needs good tools. Bartending is no different. Tune into a thematic episode of The Speakeasy as Damon Boelte chats with Ethan Kahn of Cocktail Kingdom. Cocktail Kingdom offers a full spectrum of professional and custom barware, artisan bitters and syrups fit for the most discerning bartender. With knowledge as a bartender’s most valuable tool, Cocktail Kingdom provides books of remarkable recipes and bar know-how spanning from pre-Prohibition era publishing to the world’s most modern concoctions. Tune in for an in-depth discussion on all the things that go into a delicious drinks that are not immediately obvious. This program was sponsored by Fairway Market

“We’re not beholden to anybody so we can really sit there and experiment – stir water for an hour and figure out what it takes to get it to proper temperature” [13:00]

–Ethan Kahn on The Speakeasy