This week on The Speakeasy Damon Boelte welcomes Time Out New York’s infamous food and drink editor, Jordana Rothman. Jordana shares her defining, imbibing “a-ha” moment and gives listeners some insight into likely trends for 2012. Tune in to hear how she came around on challenging spirits like cynar and why she thinks nobody should be excluded from the cocktail movement. Damon & Jordana also discuss what makes food at cocktail bars successful and why small plates and communal dishes are usually the way to go. This episode was sponsored by White Oak Pastures.

“I’m committed to finding access points for my readers that may be buying Time Out New York for, say, the music listings. I want to find ways for people to get excited about the things I’m excited about.”

“You can’t get people excited about the cocktail movement by making people feel like assholes.”

“I love when a cocktail bar isn’t just providing a sponge for the booze, but putting some attention into the food.”

Jordana Rothman on The Speakeasy