"The Problems with Food Media that Nobody Wants to Talk About" was the provocative title of a provocative article recently published on the website First We Feast. We've assembled a roundtable to hash out such contentions as "Food Writers are Too Scared of Losing Access to be Critical" and "PR Has Too Much Influence on What Gets Covered." Joining us in the studio are co-author of the think-piece, Chris Schonberger; Saveur's senior digital editor Max Falkowitz; and chef Marco Canora of New York City's Hearth and Brodo. We also kick around the top stories in the chef world this week such as Dallas food critic Leslie Brenner's new video feature that puts her face to face with chefs and a recent shift by many top chefs, including Canora, toward a more health-conscious restaurant cuisine.

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"If you do good work people will read it, and if you deliver in the right way people will find it." [25:40]

--Max Falkowitz on The Front Burner