This week on Beer Sessions Jimmy is dedicating the show to an issue that affects all breweries, but is rarely discussed: wastewater. Water is integral to making beer but a lot is wasted. Typically one pint of beer requires seven pints of water. For this conversation, Jimmy is joined by John Bedard of Kushner Studios, a brewery architect; Paul Mankiewicz, a biologist from the Gaia Institute; and Evan Bowles, a wastewater engineer. These experts discuss various policies surrounding the issue and the diverse challenges brewers face from New York to California. They divulge to talk about the importance of environmentally conscious design from green roofs to solar panels and imagine how they would construct a sustainable brewery from the ground up.

Episode Beer List:
Evil Twin, Ridgewood Resurrection
Evil Twin, By The End of the Day
Burial, Bone Digger Pale Ale


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