Learn to create your own miniature garden with Janit Calvo and her book, Gardening in Miniature! This week on We Dig Plants, Alice Marcus Krieg and Carmen Devito chat with Janit about the origin of her company, Two Green Thumbs, and her interest in miniature gardens. Find out how Janit uses some bonsai methods to create her little gardens, and why hearty, small-leaved plants suit the gardening style. Find out why benches and furniture are some of her best sellers, and her reasoning for shying away from the term 'fairy garden'. Find out about the commonalities between miniature gardens and terrariums, and why mini-gardening is a great activity for a wide range of ages! Thanks to our sponsor, Cain Vineyard & Winery. Today's music is courtesy of Obey City.



"Our biggest seller is miniature furniture. It gives your eye a place to sit!" [22:30]

"I can't grow a terrarium, and I couldn't if I was paid to!" [26:15]

-- Janit Calvo on We Dig Plants