In a blistering report on the state of the poultry industry, Oxfam USA noted the appalling conditions for poultry and workers alike. Today on What Doesn't Kill You, Katy Keiffer discuss the report and its impact on industry and consumers with Oliver Gottfried, Senior Advocacy and Collaborations Advisor at Oxfam. Oliver Gottfried is based in Boston, MA and serves as the Senior Advocacy and Collaborations Advisor for Oxfam America’s US Regional Office. Oliver has led Oxfam’s poultry work over the last two years and served as the organizer of the coalition of over a dozen groups working together on poultry worker issues. Prior to coming to Oxfam America, Oliver spent 14 years leading campaigning and advocacy work for political campaigns and labor unions across the United States. He holds an undergraduate degree from Haverford College.