A Pride Playlist: Food, Connection, and Inclusivity


Food is a powerful connector, and for the LGBTQIA+ community it is a resource for inclusiveness. 

In celebration of Pride 2023, we've compiled a list of episodes that show how the LGBTQIA+ community uses food as a conduit for inclusivity and connection. From thoughtful sourcing to changing the agricultural industry, the community leaders and tastemakers we're highlighting seek to create a diverse, equitable food system for all. 

Eat Your Heartland Out Episode 43: In this three part special, host Capri Cafaro highlighted individuals that are involved in agriculture and identify as part of the LGBTQIA+ community. We'll meet an agriculture educator in Michigan, flower farmers in Iowa and a fifth-generation dairy, grain and beef farmer in North Dakota. Agriculture is becoming increasingly more inclusive thanks to the leadership of people like our guests. 


The Build Episode 7: The Build is our series on how the owner of Ursula BK conceived, planed, and finally opened a new location, from signing a lease to creating a personal aesthetic. Here, we spotlight Ursula's plan to intentionally source ingredients, wines, and spirits for their cocktail program from Queer and women-owned businesses. 


Cutting the Curd Episode 488: On this episode, Lee Hennessy discussed the ins and outs of life as a Queer farmer, as well as the craft of making goat cheese. 

Meat and Three Episode 156: Hear about the incredible organizations combatting hunger and homelessness in the LGBTQ+ community and take stock of queer culinary spaces that are safe, joyful, and liberating. 

Queer the Table Episode 13: Nico was joined by John Birdsall, whose biography "The Man Who Ate Too Much: The Life of James Beard," was just released. The book explores Beard's queerness, and the ways in which it trickled into his recipes, teachings, and American food culture as a whole. 

A Hungry Society Episode 79: On the episode we spoke to chefs Sicily Sewell Johnson and Mavis Jay Sanders about food memories, MJ shares stories of being a queer, masc presenting Black woman in kitchens and Sicily shares how being surrounded by women, people of color and the LGBTQIA community throughtout her career helped her see how things should be done instead of just sticking to the status quo. 

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