From Creative Consumption to Composting: Food Waste Playlist

When it comes to solving the issue of food waste, plenty of buzzy words are thrown around: composting, upcycling, even closed-loop manufacturing. Luckily, HRN has brought on plenty of exp...


Rob Dunn: Delicious

Join us for a conversation with Rob Dunn, professor of applied ecology and author of the new book Delicious, about the ways that flavor has influenced human evolution.


Bursting Bubbles: From Shortages to Seltzer

When you think of bubbles, what pops into your mind? Is it rainbow colored soap? Carbonated soda? Perhaps even social distancing bubbles? 


Nate Ready, Hiyu Wine Farm, Hood River, Oregon

Nate Ready is a former Master Sommelier. He worked the floor at Bobby Stuckey’s Frasca in Boulder and the French Laundry in Yountville before heading north to find a small working farm in...


Farmers for Trump

Longtime food and agriculture policy reporter, Chuck Abbott, helps us to understand our nation’s “farmer voting bloc” and its loyalty to Trump throughout the last two election cycles. ...


Are Alt Meats Better for the Planet?

Forecasts point to the market for plant- and cell-based meat alternatives exploding over the next decade, largely because of the sustainability claims companies make when marketing these ...


Sea Change, or what to do with Kelp

Briana Warner is the CEO of Atlantic Sea Farms, purveyors of kelp from the Maine coast. They work with lobstermen (and women) to farm Kelp in the off season, with a promise to buy all tha...


A Conversation with Danielle Nierenberg

Food systems expert and this year’s winner of the Julia Childs Award, Danielle Nierenberg, joins host Jenna Liut to talk about her work as the President of Food Tank, how COVID has lifted...


Regenerative Farming with Harvest Returns and Pastureland Provisions

On this episode of Tech Bites, host Jennifer Leuzzi checks in with returning guests Chris Rawley and Austin Maness of Harvest Returns, the crowdfunding platform for farms. How have things...


Perilous Bounty

To kick off the fall season, Cathy welcomes to the show Tom Philpott, a veteran food and environmental reporter currently with Mother Jones.