Anyone who grew up in a family business understands that it's family business first, and then family second. It's about surviving and making it work," says Bricia Lopez, co-owner, with her siblings of Guelageutza, the Oaxacan restaurant in Los Angeles. The story of Bricia, her family and the restaurant are inextricably entwined, each strengthening the other even during the most challenging of times. During the 2008 recession, when their parents were ready to give it all up, Bricia and her siblings took over the place even though they were broke. They persisted and were able to build on the legacy that was recognized by the late critic Jonathan Gold as one of the "best Oaxacan restaurants in the country." As new mothers, Bricia and her sister Paulina launched an incredible podcast Super Mamas to talk about all things maternal. And when the pandemic hit, the family once again banded together, "When 2020 happened, did it shock me? One hundred percent. But was I worried? Probably not. Because I already lost everything once. I know what that feels like. My siblings and I were prepared." The legacy continues with Bricia sharing her lessons about work ethic with her own kids. Listen in to her a story of generational love, struggle, triumph, and joy.

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Bricia Lopez

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