Michael Davenport believes people feel one of two ways about food: either they simply see it as fuel, or they have strong preferences (especially about the things they prefer not to eat). But in Michael’s mind, anything worthwhile will offend somebody, and in this episode he’s definitely going to step on some toes. Starting with what to wear in the kitchen, Michael wouldn’t be caught dead in most of the aprons he has received as gifts. When it comes to how a kitchen is arranged and organized - the kitchens found in magazines look charming when they’re covered in pots and pans, but as a cook you should view your kitchen as a workroom not a display window. So called “cutsie pie” menu items like “hugs and quiches” are subject to an impassioned rant.  And as for charity cookbooks go? Give the charity your money and forget the cookbook; Michael counted 116 meatloaf recipes on his bookshelf and that is more than enough.

The Shameless Chef

Episode art by Alicia Qian

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